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Check Out the Oris Clipperton Limited Edition Watch

By Victor Baker


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Oris Clipperton

You probably didn’t know this yet, but the world’s most isolated landmass is called the Clipperton Island and it’s nestled at around 1,100km south of the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Believe it or not, more people have scaled Mount Everest than have stepped foot on Clipperton Island – this is the level of exclusivity we’re going to focus on today.

Oris, the official sponsor of an expedition meant to preserve the beauty and health of this remote ecosystem, has unveiled a special watch, dedicated to this isolated place. Simply named the Oris Clipperton Limited Edition, this watch will redirect a percentage from its sales towards the protection of the world’s oceans.

It comes with a lovely stainless steel, polished and brushed, 43.5 mm case, featuring a rotatable bezel with black ceramic inlay, sapphire crystals, 300-meter diving capabilities, and the automatic calibre 733 keeping everything in motion.

Oris Clipperton

Based on the brand’s iconic Aquis Date dive watch, this timepiece shows off a few distinctive features, such as a gradient ocean blue dial, reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean, surrounding Clipperton Island. Also noteworthy is the sun-ray pattern on the dial, while the movement hiding beneath is complemented by a dedicated engraving.

Feel free to choose between a rubber strap or a steel bracelet with an extension system and folding clasp, before getting one of the only 2,000 pieces set to sell worldwide. You will have to pay only CHF 1,950 for the rubber-strapped watch and CHF 2,150 for the steel bracelet version.

Oris Clipperton

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