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Caviar Decked Out the Galaxy S20 Ultra With a Gold Treatment and.. Playing Cards

By Adrian Prisca


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Samsung Galaxy S21 by Caviar 1

If you thought the all-new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra wasn’t impressive enough, Russian luxury customization brand Caviar has unveiled a collection of bespoke gold-plated Galaxy S20 Ultras, dedicated to playing cards. The new collection is actually called “Galaxy S21 Fortune”, with each model in this special release being limited to only 21 units, which is the winning number in Blackjack.

Dan Bilzerian might love these limited edition smartphones, which are graced by the aces of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades, alongside a joker, that’s naturally the most precious model. These ridiculous designs are also available for the Galaxy S20 and S20+  upon request, but for now, let’s take a closer look at each version, shall we?

Samsung Galaxy S21 by Caviar 2

First things first, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Gold Joker is enigmatic, mysterious and full of intrigue, just like The Joker himself, which is always the strongest card in the deck. According to Caviar, the owner of this smartphone is a person doomed for success – he might be a born diplomat or a skilled negotiator who holds the world’s fate in his hands.

That’s why the S20 Ultra Fortune Gold Joker had to look like the highest card in the deck, with a luxurious back panel that’s made out of composite kirinite and an elegant blue finish that gives this precious smartphone a very stylish appearance. The phone is also decorated with an incredibly detailed volumetric image of the Joker, which is made of fine gold (750 content).

It also comes with a relief engraving of the suits, as the joker is joggling with tiny playing cards decorated with precious stones: three bright rubies for the diamonds and hearts and three sapphire which symbolize the clubs and spades. This design symbolizes the fact that the Joker is always mobile in its actions, helping you choose the most profitable outcome from all possibilities.

Caviar will produce the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fortune Gold Joker in only 21 units, each of them priced at $40,750. It’s more than a brand new mid-size sedan, but it’s still relatively cheap if you compare it to the $70,000 Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius though.

But it’s the most expensive Samsung smartphone ever made by the Russian customization specialists, and it’s apparently the best accessory for people who want to attract luck and never let it go. We’re curious if your luck would change if you’re playing online slots with this smartphone in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S21 by Caviar 3

In addition to the S20 Ultra Joker edition, Caviar also released four aces from the deck. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Ace Of Spades and the Fortune Ace of Clubs are more masculine and specially made for men. They’re both made from exclusive materials, with a back panel that was crafted out of noble black composite onyx, while the relief figures of the aces are decked in pure 999-content gold.

The Ace of Spades Edition embodies physical strength and aims to be an amulet for leadership in today’s adventurous world, while the Ace of Clubs Edition is perfect for willed, energetic people who aren’t used to stand still, acting like a talisman on the body of the smartphone that catches luck.

On the other hand, the Ace of Hearts Edition and the Ace of Diamonds Edition are two passionate models, specially designed for women. Both these phones come with a lovely back panel crafted out of rich red composite stone and they’re decorated with a refined engraving, covered in 999-content gold.

Samsung Galaxy S21 by Caviar 4

The S20 Ultra Ace of Diamonds is probably ideal for women who want to show their financial status as this card protects the material side of things, while the S20 Ultra Ace of Hearts rules the sensual side of our lives and it’s perfect for those who want to strengthen emotional perception and manage human relationships and emotions better.

The Aced Editions of the S20 Ultra are also produced in limited series of 21 units, but each of them is priced at “only” $5,750.

Of course, Caviar’s bespoke smartphones still come with the same features of Samsung’s newest flagship model, which means these devices will boast a 6.9-inch display and an extraordinary triple lens setup on the back: a 48 MP telephoto, a 12 MP ultra wide lens and a ridiculous 108 MP wide-angle camera, with a 10x hybrid optic zoom and a digital zoom that goes up to 100x.

Add in a 40 MP selfie camera up front and a 5,000 mAh battery and you get the ultimate smartphone for photos or videos. Yes, it can shoot 8K video as well, which means these phones not only come with an exclusive exterior but also deliver the most impressive photo and video experience on any smartphone on the market right now.

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