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Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Balance Looks Like a Piece of Sculpture

By Vlad Craciun


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Bang & Olufsen is back in our attention with a new incredible home speaker called Beosound Balance. Developed together with Benjamin Hubert, founder of British industrial design studio LAYER, this sculptural home speaker looks like it floats above a solid oak wood base, with a cool cylindrical shape that was clad in knitted textile.

It’s a soft, rounded silhouette, that looks nothing like a home speaker and it uses interior-first materials, like oak wood and knitted textile, to redefine your home audio experience. The Beosound Balance also comes with an innovative user interface, that hides when it’s not in use, and seven speaker drivers with the impressive beam-forming technology, that allow you to choose between different sound setups.

Thanks to light-through aluminum technology the hidden user interface lights up only when you touch it. To control the volume, users have to wipe around the top place and if you want to change tracks, pause the music or select your favorite listening experience, you just need to touch on the icons. When you’re walking away from the speaker, this wonderful touch interface dims and hides away.

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, Beosound Balance comes with seven uniquely configured speaker drivers, complemented by two opposing woofers that cancel out vibrations and produce a powerful bass sound. This stunning home speaker offers a flexible audio experience with two interesting sound modes: a powerful omni-directional mode with a uniform sound around the speaker or a wide sound setup that delivers a fine tuned ambient experience.

Bang & Olufsen’s newest speaker is also able to “learn” its surroundings through the active room compensation technology. The speaker analyzes the room through its internal microphone and creates a set of audio filters that will compensate for any sound reflections in your home.

Priced at $2,250, Beosound Balance is able to take voice commands since it comes with Amazon Alexa and The Google Assistant built-in and it also supports Apple Airplay, Google Chromecast and Spotify Connect. This superb home speaker will be available in Natural Oak or Black Oak, and it’s already up for grabs in Bang & Olufsen stores and select third-party retailers.

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