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Cartier Solid Gold Apollo 11 space lander replica

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As a token of appreciation to one of the ever greatest achievements of humanity, French jewelcrafting house Cartier has come up with a gold edition of the Apollo 11 landing module. It is also meant to honor the astronauts who had participated at the mission.

These particular astronauts, aboard the Apollo 11 launched back in 1969, are some of the most renowned men of all time – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. They were presented with the solid gold edition of the lunar landing module. Of the gold medals awarded to the scientists, one will be showcased as part of a Forbes Galleries event dubbed “Out of this world! Jewelry is space age.” while the other two remain as integrated parts of private collections.

The event will reportedly boast all sorts of jewelry under the space theme, alongside further jewelry worn by astronauts. Cartier’s Solid Gold Lunar Lander replica will be there as well. Furthermore, within each of these staggeringly precious module replicas there is a micro film of the French publication “Le Figaro”


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