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Canali and PRYMA Imagined a new Pair of Luxury Headphones

By Victor Baker


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PRYMA Limited Edition Headphones

Italian menswear label Canali is well-known for its exquisite taste and amazing attention to detail, that’s why we’re so excited to see a new product bearing the brand’s signature, this time following an interesting collaboration with high-end headphones maker Pryma.

The two companies have recently teamed up to imagine a chic and high quality set of headphones, that will be handmade in Italy by Sonus Faber, another renowned company. These luxurious headphones will be produced in a very, very limited run, offering an incredible sound quality and an instantly recognizable Canali touch.

With a shell crafted from premium aluminium, that makes these headphones ultra light and super resistant, these new goodies from Pryma feature state-of-the-art high fidelity technology.

PRYMA Limited Edition Headphones

Please note the strap, which was manufactured from high-quality Italian leather, while a microfiber underside makes sure everything remains classy and comfortable. Of course, Canali’s monogram is visible everywhere, but we should also mention the fact that these headphones feature a remote-talk cable, that can also be used to answer your phone.

The PRYMA Limited Edition Headphones are available through Canali’s online store, and potential customers will have to pay up $550 to own a set. We’re not going to ask if it could get any better than this, as the competitors might check out our articles.

PRYMA Limited Edition Headphones

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