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C SEED Takes Their Magic Aboard Superyachts

By Victor Baker


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C SEED Supermarine

The acclaimed Austrian-based luxury electronics company C SEED thinks big, literally. A few months ago they’ve introduced the world’s largest 4K LED Widescreen TV, the C SEED 262, and these days it seems they’re planning to take over the superyacht world as well.

Since they’re masters of outdoor entertainment systems, they’ve recently introduced the first outdoor superyacht TV & speakers, the fully retractable Supermarine TVs and the Supermarine Speakers, which promise an incredible yacht entertainment experience.

The C SEED Supermarine TV systems are available in 201″ and 144″ screen sizes, while the speaker system will be available in either an 89 cm height or a 48 cm version. The TV could retract the entire screen into a shallow compartment, thus saving space and probably keeping the device safe from the elements.

With a luminosity of 4.500 nits and a contrast ratio of 4.500:1, as well as 48-bit color, this incredible TV set is nothing but state of the art outdoor entertainment equipment.

C SEED Supermarine

On the other hand, the C SEED Supermarine speakers promise superior acoustic experiences, while you’re sailing from one corner of the world to another. Built into one-piece metal casings, machined out of massive blocks of aluminum, these speakers show off an incredibly resonating body that could easily overwhelm your senses.

L-Acoustic’s passive speaker technology can be found at the heart of these speakers, reproducing the entire frequency range with powerful brilliance. The Supermarine speakers boast a 110-degree beam angle for excellent area coverage and a stable sound experience. What more could you ask for, except for your very own superyacht?

C SEED Supermarine

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