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Bugatti Veyron Successor Will Be Even Faster

Veyron successor

Head of both Bentley and Bugatti, Wolfgang Dürheimer, is a pretty busy man, but he still managed to reveal a couple of things about Bugatti’s future recently. First, he has stated that the brand has no future plans to build SUVs or four-door sedans in the next years, because these models are not really considered worthy to wear the Bugatti badge.

The company is best in the game of ultra sharp supercars and that’s what they will keep on doing in the near future.

Veyron successor

Right now Bugatti focuses all its efforts on the development of the Veyron successor, which Dürheimer says will be an even faster car. The company’s CEO dared to say that the new Bugatti will be the best supersports car on the planet, which is not really a surprise.

They’ll still have to tackle Koenigsegg for that but Bugatti always managed to come up with the ultimate supercar so I’m sure they could do it again. Obviously, no further details are available at this time. So we’ll just have to wait and see what the company has in store for us. Hopefully next year at the Geneva Motor Show we’ll get a glimpse.

Veyron successor


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