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Buben & Zorweg Unveiled the Orion Safe Line

By Victor Baker


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Orion Safe Line

High-end watch winder and luxury safe maker Buben & Zorweg has unveiled a new incredible collection of safes, called Orion, named after the constellation and the legendary hunter in Greek mythology who gave its name.

The Orion safes will be available in four different sizes and four different colors, with a unique shape and premium materials used to produce a remarkable product that will help you keep your precious belongings safe. Clad in Nappa leather, with copper-colored seams and a stainless steel top cover decorated with leather inserts, these safes are beyond stunning.

Orion Safe Line

Buben & Zorweg’s latest line of safes also benefits from advanced technology to meet the recent technical security standards. The German high-security lock, also covered in Italian Nappa leather, protects any precious contents from unauthorized access, meeting the demanding VdS I Security class.

We should also mention the optional Buben & Zorweg alarm and GPS tracking system, that will take the security of these safes to the next level and keep owners informed at all times. From different drawers to Time Mover watch winders and state-of-the-art LED lighting with fading technology, these safes can be customized as you wish.

Orion Safe Line

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