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BUBEN & ZORWEG can help you with a Billionaire Interior Design

By Victor Baker


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Billionaire Interior Design

BUBEN & ZORWEG have seen their share of odd and unusual requests from the rich and famous, no matter where they live around the world. The company is responsible for various ready-to-use safes and winders, but it will also carry out incredibly intricate interior design projects.

What has been called by them the ‘billionaire-style interior design’ has seen a rise in popularity, so the company has been customizing rich folk’s interiors to include even a safe alongside a Lamborghini in the living room of a lavish penthouse or bespoke metal skulls attached to a safe’s door. Billionaires sure have interesting requests, right?

Billionaire Interior Design

A top client has recently commissioned BUBEN & ZORWEG to install three of its 580 kg, 2-meter high X-007 safes deep under the floor of his luxurious European home and he even insisted that they remained completely concealed from view. That’s why the hidden safes and the floor openings only see the daylight when the owner remotely activates them.

A double lift system allows the entire safe system to elevate dramatically, revealing a 360 degree bullet-proof glass showcase, which itself then elevates to allow access to the contents of the safe. It’s painfully obvious that the people at BUBEN & ZORWEG know what they’re doing, and will probably keep doing it right for years to come.

Billionaire Interior Design

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