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Brikk’s Lux Nikon Kit Is A Golden Statement of Luxury

By Victor Baker


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Brikk Lux Nikon Kit

Professional photographers and enthusiasts just love using a proper camera, and we really think you can’t compare the incredible feeling you get when you see the camera working in your own hands, to a smartphone with a pretty good camera. This is why nostalgic people or those of us who were born before 1990 won’t go so easy for a good smartphone, but could we afford this luxurious kit from Brikk?

The Brikk Lux Nikon Kit includes a Nikon DF camera and a luxurious Nikkor 14-24 F/2.8 lens, both of them finished in 24k gold. So yo could probably this camera is worth its weight in gold!

Brikk Lux Nikon Kit

According to Brikk’s official press release, this unique product has taken almost a year of research and development; was it worth it? That’s up for you to decide, but you should know that aside from the gold-plated bits, Brikk has also added stingray leather into the mix, on the focus and zoom rings, the flash area and grip, meant to make this camera even more luxurious than it was already with those golden elements.

There’s also a Custom Zero Halliburton camera case, which acts as a welcomed bonus, and unfortunately no price-tag to talk about yet. I guess there’s always Mastercard, or VISA for that – or whatever credit card you usually use; but I think you’ll need more than just credit cards for this extraordinary camera.

Brikk Lux Nikon Kit

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