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Breathtaking $49 Million ONE Penthouse On The Palm Jumeirah

By Victor Baker


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The most expensive property in Dubai right now is an outstanding penthouse that will set you back $49 million, scheduled for completion in 2017.

Located on top of ONE, one of the most impressive residential towers sitting on Dubai’s man-made wonder Palm Jumeirah, this incredible residence will feature extraordinary amenities like an infinity pool, a spa and even a 12-car garage, all this being possible because the penthouse has a huge 42,477 feet of space.

Including 8 bedrooms and a massive balcony, the balcony itself being 16,641 square feet large, the ultimate luxury penthouse in Dubai will offer the most serene views from the 25th floor.

one penthouse

The glamorous bedrooms will also allow guests to enjoy sublime views of the Dubai skyline, while the floor-to-ceiling windows invite sunshine to lighten up your day. Lush-green trees dot the upper deck, where you can find the lovely infinity pool, a fancy spa and the maid’s quarters as well.

Designed by duo Omniyat and Drake & Scull International, this masterpiece will adorn a kitchen with a separate prep room, a professional barbecue pit and the cozy outdoor terrace. While the penthouse itself is extremely beautiful, the complex where it sits it’s equally impressive, featuring a gym, a hair salon and even a cinema. The question is: can you afford it?

one penthouse

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