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Bowlus Road Chief The Wave Bespoke Edition Brings Back the Romance of Travel Trailers

By Vlad Craciun


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With a history going back to 1939 when aviation legend Hawley Bowlus created the original Bowlus Road Chief aluminum travel trailer, the now established eponymous brand has taken the concept further to offer maximum performance and comfort and an incredible look all around.

Bowlus Road Chief’s latest model, called The Wave Bespoke Edition brings back the lost romance of traveling in a trailer, taking it to a completely new level. Drawing inspiration from the world of yachting, The Wave Bespoke Edition was built from solid 2024 aircraft grade aluminum, fit to a 1/1000 of an inch and polished by hand to give it that stunning mirror finish.

With a high ground clearance, an independent torsion suspension and a low center of mass, you can take this trailer almost anywhere and it will shine. And when we say shine, we mean really shining as the exterior wonderfully reflects its surroundings.

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On the inside you’ll find walnut, birch and anodized aluminum. The seats are wrapped in organic, vegan, matte textures resembling the suppleness of suede leather. The Marina Del Rey Blue embraces the interior of the trailer, with a Main Sail White to make for a stunning contrast. The bedroom features specialty linen bedding in oyster and bastion blue.

Powered by their electrical power system designed for long term adventures far away from civilization, the Bowlus Road Chief – The Wave Bespoke Edition will be able to get through a lot. It comes with a 2,000 W inverter, 80 A/hr charger and 4 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries which will give the trailer a good 7 day power reserve for remote adventures.

What’s interesting is that the power system can be managed via Bluetooth. Also, there’s the option of adding a solar panel, which will add a lot more versatility to the trailer. The Bowlus Road Chief trailer will be available only in a very limited number of units with a price tag starting at $225,000.

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