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10 Awesome Travel Journals to Document Your Next Adventure

The digital age, with its interconnected smart devices and phone apps that can do almost anything – except sweeping the snow off your front alley – is replacing most of what us, humans used to do happily in the past. One of these things is writing down our thoughts in a journal. And especially keeping a travel journal.

With Instagram and Facebook now doing the hard work of our memories and pens, it’s no wonder most people have forgotten the art of writing their memories in a travel journal. And the memories themselves. But there’s hope. There are still plenty of people who do that and there are still travel journals in which to do it. If you’re one of these folks, looking for a new notebook in which to jot down your thoughts and memories, check out these 10 awesome travel journals to document your next adventure.

From the timeless blank pages that give you creative freedom and vintage-style notebooks with leather covers, to practical lists and guided travel journals, you’ll surely find a fit for your style and creativity. Even if you’ve never done that, these 10 next travel journals will spark your passion for this simple yet fulfilling pleasure of life – writing down your thoughts, observations and experiences while on the road.

So put down your smartphone, pick up a pen and choose one of these 10 awesome travel journals to document your next adventure:

10. Rite In The Rain Notebook – $6.55

Rite In The Rain Notebook

While not special in a traditional journal sense, the Rite In The Rain Notebook is special for its technical achievements. It’s an all-weather notebook. So if your path often takes you through wild and far away lands in not so nice weather, this journal was made for you.

Created with the adventurous in mind, the Rite In The Rain Notebook features a Polydura cover and fully waterproof pages, perfect to write on them in the worst weather conditions. If you can still hold a pen in your hand, that is. The journal was made to repel water, sweat, mud and grease, so what you write remains written no matter what. The only problem is that its upside also brings a downside with it. You can’t use water based pens and the reason is obvious. Use ballpoint pens or pencils and you’re set.

The Wire-O binding is strong and will keep your notebook intact both outside in bad weather and inside your bag or pockets. So you can take it with you anywhere.

9. Moleskine Voyageur Traveler’s Notebook – $22.95

Moleskine Voyageur Traveler’s Notebook

The iconic Moleskine comes with an interesting proposal and top quality. With a name that says everything, their Voyageur Traveler’s Notebook, features a canvas hardbound cover with plain and ruled paper, numbered pages and the usual back pocket you’d expect for holding various other memories or papers.

Created with the planner in mind, this Moleskine travel journal comes with detachable lists, travel planning sections, colored tabs, stickers and plenty of space to write down your adventures. With so many extras, you can organize it any way you want. The travel planning section of the journal has plenty of useful pages and details, including stuff like loyalty card numbers and contact numbers.

8. Promptly Journals – $20

Promptly Journals

Promptly Journals is a minimalist 88 page travel journal, with plenty of prompts to fill in. It’s a one trip journal that won’t let you forget anything. From prompts about your favorite food or restaurant to the most interesting moments of your journey, this Prompted Travel Journal is a must have for those who need a little nudge to their creative side.

Promptly Journals offers their travel journals in deep blue, dusty rose, gray tweed and solid gray. They also have a nice map of the world and a back pocket to hold your mementos, paper photos or various other.

7. Leuchtturm1917 Medium Sized Notebook – $19.95

Leuchtturm1917 Medium Sized Notebook

Leuchtturm1917 is a legend. Prized by writers and various other kinds of creatives and artists, the Leuchtturm Medium Sized Notebook is a must have for journalers. It comes in hardcover, with 249 numbered pages, table of contents and also offers stickers for labeling and the usual expandable pocket for keeping little extras safe, making it perfect for organizing stuff.

The pages can be plain, ruled, dotted or squared and fit any style of journaler, with a special mention to those who have adopted the Bullet Journal way and use the Leuchtturm1917 Medium Sized Dotted as their notebook of choice. The paper is top quality and more than ideal for using a fountain pen. For less pages, you can even have it in softcover.

6. Travel Listography: Exploring The World In Lists – $13.83

Travel Listography Exploring The World In Lists

For those list lovers, we’ve got something special. The Travel Listography: Exploring the World in Lists is a travel journal that reminds of those old bucket lists, offering over 70 types of lists of places to explore out there, from the ubiquitous lists like countries to visit to the more unusual or peculiar ones.

Since its creation, this illustrated journal has become extremely popular and has been sold in more than a million copies worldwide. If you’re that type of person who prefers lists, go for one.

5. Scratch Travel Journal – $25

Scratch Travel Journal

The Scratch Travel Journal is a complete one-trip notebook that includes a scratch-off map of every continent, trip planner, checklist and journal for jotting down the experiences and adventures as they happen along the way. It’s the ideal notebook for those who need a little more organization for their trip around the world and that sense of completion when scratching off the places they’ve been to on the included map.

4. Leather Journal Travellers Notebook – $28.59

Leather Journal Travellers Notebook

For a more vintage look, you can go for the Leather Journal Travellers Notebook, which allows for more creativity through the fact that it lets you choose different paper inserts like blank, lined of grid. It’s simple and it allows greater freedom and creativity in writing down your itineraries, your trip planning and packing checklists or the experiences and observations.

The cover is made from genuine leather, with four internal elastic bands which hold up to eight inserts. The journal is kept shut tight by an external elastic band. What’s more, it even includes a pen and pen holder, plus a zipper pouch for storing ticket stubs or pictures from your travels.

3. I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded – $14.58

I Was Here A Travel Journal For The Curious Minded

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded encourages travelers to note down the little details that give personality to the places they see and the things they do. I Was Here is a colorful travel journal with plenty of prompts to follow, divided into three sections: ‘Before You Go’, ‘Journeys’, ‘Notes’.

While the first part is perfect for planning your trip, the ‘Journeys’ part allows you to dive deep in the local culture through various observations and experiences. The ‘Notes’ section offers 21 blank pages of plain, lined or grid paper for anything else that may cross your mind. The journal also has the usual back pocket to hold diverse stuff from your trip.

2. kikki.K Hardcover Travel Journal – $24.95

kikki.K Hardcover Travel Journal

kikki.K is a chic stationery company which offers one of the best travel journals on the market. Their notebooks are known for the clean lines, the simplicity and the built-in bookmark system. It comes in hardcover and offers 140 pages of ruled paper for all your thoughts and observations while on the road.

1. Smythson Travel Journal – $75.00

Smythson Travel Journal

For the ones looking into more luxurious stuff, there’s the Smytshon Travel Journal, a sophisticated and elegant travel journal offered by the iconic British stationery and luxury goods company, Smythson.

Part of their Panama Collection, the Kelly green travel journal is made from lambskin and features a grosgrain bookmark ribbon. Sure, it costs a lot more than any other journal on the market, but hey, it’s probably the highest quality you can ever get in a notebook.

The journal has a classic and simple look, with seven cover colors to choose from. Less than ideal for those backpacking around the world, it’s more of a souvenir than a hardcore journal to take on a journey to the ends of the Earth.


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