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Blond designs the Perfect Compact Mirrorless Camera – Segment

By Victor Baker


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Designed by the London-based creative studio BlondSegment is a stunning stripped-down version of a mirrorless camera, that’s just perfect for the modern photographer on the go. This amazing concept features a chic, minimalist look, achieved by removing a segment of the body, thus offering users quick and easy access, to the physical controls which are nestled in the camera’s cavity – safely under protection.

Blond has also wrapped this sleek camera in supple leather, giving it a wonderful, vintage vibe, that’s complemented by contemporary design element and features. It’s like the best of both worlds, all packaged into one stylish product.


Blond is a company that’s pretty well-known for designing and developing contemporary products for a wide range of brands, which is why we’re totally in the dark regarding the Segment’s client. We could just make a supposition as to which company will benefit from this camera’s cool design, but we’d better wait for official news first.

In the meantime, the camera’s website will provide you a more in-depth view of the product and possibly keep you up to date with its release and eventual purchasing costs. We’re waiting for it to hit the shelves – regardless of the label it will be released under.


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