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Bentley’s Diamond Encrusted Centenary Book Costs no less than $256,000

Bentley Centenary Book 1

British luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motors has recently partnered with luxury book publisher Opus to create the Bentley Centenary Book, a diamond encrusted 800 pages brochure that celebrates one hundred years from the creation of the famed company.

Over the nine chapters, this stunning book tells the glorious stories that made Bentley Motors what they are today, with their grand 24 Hour Le Mans victories, iconic cars of the past and the legendary people who made everything possible.

The nine chapters of the book focus on the values that brought Bentley their success, such as the Performance, Design, Rarity and Craftsmanship, and also the Innovation and Extraordinary Customers, with the final chapter dedicated to the chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark, who’s ready to take Bentley into its next century.

Bentley Centenary Book

The book has unbelievable dimensions, with a width of almost one meter and a weight of around 30 kilograms, making the Bentley Centenary Opus the biggest automotive brand history book ever created.

There are three versions of the book made, with the Mulliner limited to 100 copies and costing $18,000, the Centenary with 500 copies and a price of $3,800 and the 100 Carat, which is limited to only 7 copies and costs a whooping $256,000. As the name says, the latter comes decorated with 100 carats of diamonds, with a copy of the seven total destined to each continent.

The Bentley Centenary Book was created, printed and hand-bound by master binders in England, carefully crafted with leather hides used in Bentley cars and the Bentley Wings badge the same as the official one used one their every Centenary model.

Bentley Centenary Book 4


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