Bentley Unveils New Spring/Summer 2015 Apparel and Accessories Collection

Bentley is a brand so deeply associated with luxury that just adding the British carmaker’s name to a product or a collection is enough to raise its profile greatly – which is why the company is so sought for all sorts of collaborations, from furniture to mobile phones. Furthermore, Bentley also has a shop where it sells its very own range of products, like perfumes, but also this stylish apparel designed for this year’s Spring/Summer season.

The highlight of the release is perhaps the leather jacket, with versions available for both men and women. The latter features a quilted interior lining and polka dot trims, as well as a foldover collar and zips at the wrists. The men’s jacket, on the other hand, is fashioned from navy leather and is fully reversible, which means it can also be worn as a sporting down jacket and protect the wearer even in poor weather conditions thanks to layer of water resistant cotton. Both items are crafted from lambskin and have the brand’s iconic winged B logo embossed on the back of the neck, with the men’s version priced at $5,395, while the women’s jacket costs $4,780.

The collection also includes a couple of cashmere scarves, available in one of two versions: dip-dyed cashmere stoles and damier squares. Made in Britain using the finest cashmere brought from Inner Mongolia, these scarves will set you back $154 and $232, respectively.

Finally, Bentley has also released two handbags: the Continental and the Barnato. While the former is obviously named after the iconic car, the latter is a tribute to Diana Barnato, daughter of legendary driver Woolf Barnato and a famed aviatrix known for being the first British woman to break the sound barrier. These scarves are priced at $5,500 and $7,000, respectively.