From the Road to the Living Room: the Stylish Bentley Home Furniture Collection

Bentley is legendary for the elegance and polish that graces the luxurious cars they create. Now, the British manufacturer is taking all that and going into partnership with Club House Italia, who will add its very own expertise and Italian sense of style, in order to create the Bentley Home furniture collection.

The furniture items will include cabinets, dining, coffee tables, beds and seating units, all created with the utmost care and attention to details and with the British brand’s widely recognized style, craftsmanship and material selection. Made using the highest quality materials, including metal, veneers, leather and glass, and state-of-the-art techniques, this exclusive collection blends the finest quality craftsmanship with excellent modern design.

The result of all of this is an exquisite collection, perfect for those who want to bring the legendary Bentley prestige from the garage to their home.