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Basil Hayden’s & Quoddy Came Up With the Perfect Whisky Shoes

Basil Hayden’s & Quoddy

Gentlemen usually appreciate stylish shoes and fine spirits, so why not enjoy the best of both worlds together? A wonderful new collaboration between bourbon purveyor Basil Hayden’s and fine shoemaker Quoddy has resulted in a beautiful limited-edition gift set that will be available just before the holidays via Huckberry.

Only 100 such gift sets will be up for sale, centered around a pair of custom, made-to-order Basil Hayden’s & Quoddy shoes. Horween leather in a rich whiskey hue is used throughout the set, as the stylish shoes and four rocks glasses have been wrapped in the hand-stitched material and packaged in an elegant leather box that will set you back $399.

Huckberry will also offer a selection of American-made barware items, carefully selected by Basil Hayden’s “Cultural Bloodhound” Max Wastler.

Basil Hayden’s & Quoddy

At Quoddy’s shoe factory in Lewiston, these limited-edition shoes are hand made in 10 steps, with the process involving cutting the leather, stitching and “cooking” the shoe, final lacing and finishing. All of Quoddy’s shoes are made to order, thus making each and every pair unique.

True moccasins, which are the company’s specialty, are painstakingly made from a single piece of leather. And after sampling some more Basil Hayden’s you might actually understand the link between the two different products: it’s all about savoring the best aromas, colors and unique experiences around.

Basil Hayden’s & Quoddy



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