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The 10 Best Whisky Glasses For Your Home Bar

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It’s pretty hard to find the right words to describe the sheer pleasure and excitement you get when you’re tasting a smooth whisky. True whisky connoisseurs know it’s all in the details: the unique flavor, the type of Scotch, age and maturation, the region from where it comes, and even the glass you’re using is very, very important. 

Sooner or later, every whisky lover understands that they must turn to the best whisky glasses around to truly savor the moment. A profound understanding of whisky deserves this much attention to detail; just imagine it, enjoying the best of both worlds. Now, that’s a good day. This is why we decided a list of the best Scotch glasses might be a good idea.

How to Choose The Best Whisky Glasses

best whisky glasses

To be honest, it’s more about personal preferences than anything else. However, there are still a few important factors worth considering before making your choice.

  • Whisky Glass Structure – A good whisky should have enough room to breathe, as you appreciate its unique flavor and taste. For instance, the best Scotch glasses must be big enough so the liquid could swirl around easily. The shape and also the texture of the whisky glass is very important as well. Certain glasses that have a thin and curvaceous body offer the best access for your nose and its ability to appreciate fine drinks.
  • Whisky Glass Feel – A properly-made whisky glass should feel very good in your hand, as you enjoy one of life’s guilty pleasures – the glass weight, the design, and also the grip should be decisive factors before pouring yourself a drink.
  • Glass Appearance – Let’s admit the fact that appearance is always very important and recognize that the ideal Scotch glasses should look great. We all love pretty things, right?

Whisky Glass Types

whisky glass type

There’s a big range of whisky glasses, and your choice might be pretty difficult. You could pick between the snifter, the tumbler, the highball, the Glencairn glass, tulip-shaped glasses, and the more recent “neat whisky glass”. All of them could be the perfect match for some of the most expensive Scotch bottles out there. 

Before you start sipping whisky like the pros, please note the following: a classic Tumbler glass and its recognizable silhouette is your usual “rocks glass” that can be found at every good bar. Next up, the Glencairn whisky glass is probably the most best choice for tastings; its thicker vessel was also designed with sociable drinking in mind. 

If you get your hands on a short-stemmed glass, featuring a narrow top and a wide bottom – that’s a Snifter glass. Meanwhile, the Tulip whisky glass is defined by a long stem, and the Neat glass was designed to allow for ethanol molecules to escape naturally through the opening.

Are we going to do this? Let’s take a closer look at the 10 best whisky glasses for your home bar:

Wine Enthusiast Neat Whisky Glass

Wine Enthusiast Neat Whisky GlassVIEW PRICE ➝

It may look somewhat similar to a fishbowl but the Neat Whisky Glass and its open-lipped design is actually backed up by science. This cool whisky glass was crafted using an advanced Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology – it sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it?

This means that they thought up an effective way to reduce ethanol vapors while enhancing aromas. What resulted was this bulbous shape and flat rim and one of the best whisky glasses coming from Australia. 

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Norlan Whisky Glass

Made using hand-blown double-walled borosilicate glass, somewhat of an odd detail you won’t be considering while chilling out and enjoying your drink, this lightweight glass shows off specially developed inner protrusions.

The Norlan Whisky Glass is refined during a four-day workshop, which is why it naturally reduces ethanol burn, while its concave outer rim delivers smooth drinkability. Such dedication should be appreciated.

Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass

Thanks to Glencairn, most aficionados get to enjoy their favorite drink in a cool, elegant manner. Crafted from premium crystal, this design features the heavy base of a whisky tumbler and displays a thin body reminiscent of a tulip glass.

If you were looking for an “official” whisky glass, this might just be it. Doesn’t it feel good to enjoy the real thing?

Viski Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers

Viski Seneca Faceted Crystal TumblersVIEW PRICE ➝

The team from True Fabrication is fascinated by geometry, which might explain the Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers. Sitting on a triangular base and showing off trigonal sides, these cool whisky glasses reveal hypnotic prisms of refracted light that add magic to an already subtle drink.

Now, I am sure you will agree that the resulting built-in light show will amplify any sensorial experience delivered by your favorite liquor.

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Van Daemon Twist Whisky Glasses

Elegantly designed and created with the aid of 100% lead-free crystal, these glasses are handcrafted, heavy-bottomed, tumblers that will surely to put a smile on any whisky enthusiast’s face.

Ideal for any liquor or cocktail, these glasses blend retro design with modern touches, thus making sure it will please anyone looking their way.

Hand Etched On the Rock Glass

Coming from Final Touch, the Hand-Etched on the Rock Glass teases us with a beautiful round shape and it’s complemented by an adjoining ice ball mould. The latter was designed to house water and then freeze to cool off your favorite drink.

A slight motion of the hand will get the ice ball rolling in the glass, making this idea perfect especially for those of you who like their whisky cold, but not exactly watered down.

Corkcicle Whisky Wedge

The Corkcicle Whisky Wedge is what a butch man would most likely appreciate. Here, we have a pretty straightforward whisky glass that comes with a silicone ice form to create a firm glacier, one that will remain chilled as you sip on your smooth, strong drink.

I don’t know for sure, but I will assume that John Wayne will gladly chill out with one of these glasses in his hands.

Royal Scot Crystal Scottish Thistle Set

Connoisseurs are probably familiar with these glasses. Adorned with diamonds and a Scottish Thistle design, this 11 oz. crystal tumbler is what sophistication is all about.

A glass that was not meant for mere mortals, the Royal Scot Crystal Scottish Thistle will complete an overwhelming and refined lifestyle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass

Also made by using an interesting lead-free blend, this time combining titanium and zirconium oxide, Schott Zwiesel’s Tritan Crystal Glass was made to be simple, elegant, and durable.

You see, when it’s placed on a flat surface, this whisky glass will sway gently in an effort to allow the whisky’s flavors and aromas to fully tease your senses. We cannot say ‘no’ to that, and we won’t.

Denver & Liely Whisky Glass 

Rated as the most recognizable handblown glasses out there, the D&L Whisky Glass shows off a timeless silhouette and impeccable craftsmanship.

By mixing the key elements of the tumbler and the more traditional whisky snifter, this man-made creation will surely amplify any and all tasting experiences. Would you share this feeling with your friends?

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Point Double Old Fashioned Glass

We’ll end this list with a more luxurious option: Tiffany & Co.’s Diamond Point Double Old Fashioned Glass. Just take a closer look at the traditional profile and geometric style of this whisky glass, and you realize it just oozes understated luxury.

Adding a touch of style and modernity to any home, the 15-ounce Diamond Point Double Old Fashioned Glass is welcomed no matter what your favorite drink is and, on that subject, we refuse to comment – dare we inspire?

We hope this article made your choice a little bit easier. If you found the perfect whisky glasses, you might also want to see which are the best single malt Scotch whiskies in our opinion.

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