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Bang & Olufsen unveiled BeoVision 11, their First Smart TV

By Adrian Prisca


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Bang & Olufsen have recently launched their first Smart TV – the so called BeoVision 11. This extremely costly but gorgeously looking FULL HD 1080p Smart TV is available in 40, 46 or 55 inches in diameter, providing easy access to the Internet via a browser which can be navigated by using the remote control, an Android tablet or even your iPad. The TV also features apps for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all sorts of other fun features.

The BeoVision 11 boasts with DLNA-enabled media streaming, an Ethernet cable port, 2 USB ports, space for your Apple TV box in the cabinet, 6 HDMI sockets, Ethernet and connectivity for WiFi. In Europe, it will be able to support HbbTV standard, for EPGs, interactive advertising, voting, gaming, personalization, social networking and catch-up TV through services provided by your own private broadcasters.

The BeoVision 11 is, according to Bang & Olufsen, their “most ambitious TV to date”. The TV sports a square appearance which enables it to include 6 separate speakers, each aided by a 32 W digital amplifier, in a row across the bottom edge.  The sonic experiences provided by this TV should be way beyond those offered by your regular television.

There’s a whole array of color themes to choose for the speaker grill fabric, which allow you to assort it to your residential environment. The BeoVision 11 optionally comes with a brand new motorized wall-mount which can be remotely adjusted or a motorized floor stand, easel stand or manual wall-mount.

In terms of pricing, the BeoVision 11 won’t come cheap, as I’ve mentioned earlier – the smallest version, the 40-inch one, starts at €5,995 (around $7,750).

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