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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 Satellite Dish Speakers

By Adrian Prisca


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When it comes to audiovisual industry, our ears tend to get pricked up. And so they did when we first saw this set signed Bang & Olufsen. The Denmark based brand has recently lifted the veils of a brand new speaker appointed the BeoPlay A9.

Manufactured to look like a satellite dish, the set is a wireless 2.1 bass reflex loudspeaker system which puts together a total of 5 dedicated amps and speaker units. This way, users may stream the signal right to the speaker from any networked gadgets like Macs, PCs or iOS devices, resulting in a maximum of 480 Watts.

In addition, the set sports three preset sound modes and a carefully tuned digital signal processor (or DSP) algorithm which delivers deep ambient sounds through an integrated, patented Adaptive Bass Linearization technology.

In terms of structure, the loudspeaker sports two ¾ of an inch tweeters and two 3 inch midrange speaker units. They are all driven by separate 80-watt class D amplifiers, thus they deliver spaciously defined middle tones and ear-tickling highs. In addition, the BeoPlay A9 set also features an 8 inch bass unit ready to deliver up to 160 W of power thanks to an incorporated class D amp. The set connects to your personal mobile phone via DLNA or AirPlay, and sports touch controls.

The VP at Bang & Olufsen PLAY, Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, states: “We asked Oivind Slaatto, a young designer who also has a strong interest in music, to create a design that is as free of visual noise as possible, and then had our engineers empower it with truly amazing sound. The result is a liberating take on acoustic performance with a cleanly graphic look that is intuitively easy to use.”

The BeoPlay A9 set is available in silver, white, green, brown, red or black fabrics, all interchangeable. Bearing a price tag of $2,699, these state of the art pieces of audiophonics will definitely enchant your ears.

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