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Axi2 Is Nepdesign’s Luxurious Hoverboard Concept

By Victor Baker


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Hoverboards have always been surrounded by a futuristic aura, and we’re sure they’re pretty fun to ride, but they still seem a little bit disappointing to us. I remember that famous scene from the Back To The Future series, when the hero glides over the tarmac and even water while teasing the bad guy – and possibly showing off in a fun way.

But the hoverboards of today still use wheels to move around, and even though they’re a step closer to floating mobility, they’re really far from what we all dream of. But the people at Nepdesign are going in the right direction, with the recently-introduced Axi2 project.

Unlike the rest of the designs on the market, Nepdesign’s hoverboard is discreet, elegant and even cool-looking.


The Korean company is looking toward the future, and that’s just where this product will be waiting for us. You see, this is still a design in its conceptual stage, although the Axi2 is already being praised as the best of the best.

Featuring a sleek look, worthy of going through an aerodynamic tunnel, the two-wheeled device is simplistic, yet thrilling. Meant to function as an extension of the human operator, this is much more than something to keep the kids busy; they won’t even have the chance to enjoy it, as adults will be arguing over it.


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