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Awesome Star Wars-Themed Homed Theater

By Brody Patterson


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The long awaited (or dreaded, if you consider how the prequels ended up being) Star Wars sequels are still a few years away, but you can already get into the mood with something like this Star Wars-themed home theater. Created by The Phantom menace and Attack of the Clones lead designer Doug Chiang, the setup is closely modeled after different parts of the Star Wars universe.

The owners commissioned Doug Chiang to design and Dillon Works to actually build the theater, which was completed back in 2007. Definitive Audio was responsible for the video and audio side, with the entire project taking 36 months to complete.

In addition to the really cool room, the lobby leading into the theater resembles the hallways of the Death Star, while mirrors placed along the walls and floors provide a sense of infinite depth.

You can see some images of the Star Wars home theater in the gallery below.


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