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Audi Design and Leica Create the New T-System Camera

By Brody Patterson


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Leica is for the photography what Audi is for driving – a fine piece of equipment bearing that unmistakable feel of well-made in Germany which delivers its users the best possible experience. The new Leica T-System is another example of the quality and style that has made the brand one of the leaders in its field.

The camera was created in collaboration with the people over at Audi Design (so you see, that comparison was not entirely random) and it keeps that classic, sleek Leica look, with just some subtle enhancements. Minimalistic in design, with clean lines and soft surfaces, the camera is made from a single block of aluminium, which also gives it a solid, sturdy look and feel.

The Leica T-System is equally straightforward in the way it is operated, as you can control functions in capture and playback mode via its intuitive touchscreen display.

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