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Artist Rainer Weber Designs The Very First AK47 Chair

By Victor Baker


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AK47 Chair

The AK47 Chair is comprised of actual guns, or formally guns, with 4 stb AK47 featuring a fixed stock and 2 stb AK47 featuring a so-called folding stock. Rest assured, the weapons were completely dismantled and welded back together to create the incredible framework, while all dismantled parts were chrome-plated before being put pack together.

The arms rests and backrests were ordered at Backhousen, in Vienna, and were hand woven in Venice at the famed Luigi Bevilacqua Company. The original pistol grips were varnished in Black, while the remaining wooden stocks were treated with a special varnish .

Next, the cartridge belt has been manufactured in such a manner that it holds the original, chrome-plated AK47 cartridges.

AK47 Chair

Please note the original Russian steel helmet, also chrome-plated, with a leather-coated interior, that will come as a package deal with these striking AK47 chairs. Additionally, Rainer Weber decided that all L-sections and details from the gun barrels should also be leather-coated.

The artist who came up with these extraordinary chairs has always been fascinated by design, technology and functionality, which is why his idea of seating furniture was always meant to be unique. It seems that the idea behind these AK47 chairs was inspired by a book about Michail Kalashnikov. Who would’ve thought?

AK47 Chair


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