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Arnold & Son Releases Limited Edition Set Celebrating the Voyages of the HMS Beagle

By Brody Patterson


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The HMS Beagle was an ordinary ship set out to conduct of survey of certain parts of South America, undertaking three voyages in order to accomplish its mission. On its second voyage, a young geologist called Charles Darwin was on board. The observations he wade during this trip eventually led to the development of the theory of evolution, one of the most important scientific insights in history.

The ship’s primary purpose, however, was to conduct a geographical survey, establishing a chain of linked reference points encircling the globe. Towards this end, the HMS Beagle was equipped with 22 marine chronometers, five of which were by Arnold and associates. Honoring the ship and its historic voyage, Arnold & Son has released a very exclusive set of three timepieces inspired by the event.

The set comprises three timepieces, each with a different Arnold & Son movement housed in an 18-carat with or rose gold case. Every one of these watches features a finely detailed, hand-painted miniature displaying the HMS Beagle, set against the silvery-white and silvery opaline dial. All timepieces come with hand-stitched black alligator leather straps with matching gold buckles.

Only eight of these stunning sets will be released by Arnold & Son.


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