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The new Michael Kors Bancroft Bags are a Must Have!

Michael Kors Bancroft Bags

For a true fashionista, there’s nothing better than keeping up with the latest trends and possibly own each and every single piece of clothing or accessories that make the fashion world go ’round. And the new Bancroft bags from Michael Kors aim to be the latest must-haves, with a variety of eye catching styles of this bag unveiled earlier this week through a stunning presentation held at the New York Edition Hotel.

Showing off a classic shape, with elegant details, the new Michael Kors Bancroft Bags will prove to be an everyday presence worth noticing, one that will be up for the grabs starting later this month. The popular east/west tote style will get everyone’s attention, while the medium satchel will help you stand out from the crowd easily.

Michael Kors Bancroft Bags

Retailing for $1,190 and showing off a smooth calf skin look, with river snake details, or $990 in grained calf skin, this thing will definitely add class to any wardrobe choice. There’s also a large satchel version that will retail for $1,190 in grained calf skin, or $2,450 in gloss python, so there’s more than one choice to be made.

But I’ll leave it to the ladies to pick a favorite, while us men admire the final look and reward their class and attention to details with the proper appreciation and respect. Ladies, feel free to make plans and expect all eyes to be on you while you show off one of these new Michael Kors bags.

Michael Kors Bancroft Bags


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