Another Swiss First: The TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

TAG Heuer has officially unveiled the chic Connected Watch, the brand’s first smartwatch and also the first luxury device of its kind to come out of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Looking quite similar to the analog Carrera, the The TAG Heuer Connected is a new breed of smartwatches, running on Google’s Android Wear operating system and being able to connect and interact with android smartphones.

But compared to other smartwatches on the market right now, the Connected watch retains the pedigree of a true Swiss luxury timepiece from TAG Heuer. The 46 mm smartwatch was crafted out of grade 2 titanium, while also featuring a titanium deployment class.

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

The smartwatch also comes with a beautiful black rubber strap, available in one of six different colors. The technical spec sheet looks like this: 1 GB main memory, 4 GB storage, 1.6 GHz dual core processor, a 410 mAh battery and a 25 hours battery life.

TAG Heuer was inspired by the brand’s analog timepieces when designing the faces of this elegant smartwatch, that’s how it got a chronograph, a three hand dial and a GMT.  The TAG Heuer Connected will be made available at TAG stores in the U.S. and online, for a retail price of $1,500.

But what’s even more interesting is that owners of the TAG Heuer Connected can trade in their watch and receive a mechanical Tag Heuer Carrera for an additional $1,500 at the end of their two-year plan.

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch