Larose Guyon Studio Breaks The Ice With The Belle Époque Collection

Larose Guyon Studio

Canadian designers Félix Guyon and Audrée Larose have joined forces and talent to create the first collection of the new Larose Guyon Studio, dubbed as the Belle Époque Collection.

The Verchères-based design studio penned down a new range of classy home decor objects, each of them made exclusively from copper. This is the studio’s first attempt at interior design and decor, but that does not diminish their effort or quality craftsmanship in any way.

Larose Guyon Studio

Moreover, the Belle Époque Collection is quite extensive. Before being completely mesmerized by the gallery below, please note that the collection includes a book rack named Auguste, a wine rack named Adèle, a simple candlestick named Victor, a fruit bowl named Henri as well as a wall mirror named Cléo.

Don’t ask us about the meaning behind these names, because we haven’t got a clue. It’s still a dreamy collection!

Larose Guyon Studio