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Amangalla Sounds As Overwhelming As It Feels

By Victor Baker


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Have you ever visited Galle, Sri Lanka? I’m going to go ahead and assume ‘no’ is the answer to that question, which is why we strongly recommend you to put this charming town on your travel map. The capital of Sri Lanka’s Southern Province is well-known for its Dutch fort and woodcarvings, with numerous gems just waiting to be discovered around town, as several cultures have left their mark on this unique corner of the world.

Apart from the Dutch, Persians, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Malays, South Indians and even English people have influenced this beautiful area over time, so you’ll surely find something for your taste. But Amangalla‘s unique colonial setting and laid back atmosphere will prove to be more than enough to convince you to stick around, taking you back in time in the most beautiful way.


Amangalla is boasting with antiques, old prints, white linen, and rich mahogany, and if all those details don’t make your day, it might be good to know that all of the suites at this spectacular retreat show off a colonial style, which means four-poster beds, pettagama chests, and teak floorboards.

Also part of the offering are superb views of the hotel gardens, not to mention the overwhelming bathrooms; and the resort’s large swimming pool, surrounded by palms, is the ideal place to sip on a delicious drink. Outside these walls, guests may explore and experience the history and charm of the bustling narrow streets. You are welcomed!


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