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Alo Is Philippe Starck’s Vision Of Future Communications

By Victor Baker


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Philippe Starck Alo

Prepare to be mesmerized by Alo – a brand new smartphone concept that seems to blow all other devices out of the water. Showing off an inventive and intriguing design, this unique smartphone came to life after French designers Philippe Starck, Jerome Olivet and the electronics company Thomson have joined hands to create the next best thing.

This innovative phone projects 3D holographic images of what you would normally see on a screen, it’s supposed to be completely voice activated and has a translucent elongated “gelatinous” shape meant to fit in any hand. The phone will even project a 3D hologram to view a movie or a message, which sounds pretty cool, right?

Philippe Starck Alo

The core of this curved and sexy device is made out of aluminum, surrounded by a pliable casing set to provide feedback through heat, as well as vibration. Even more interesting, this device is set to feature a skin that’s apparently able to repair itself automatically as soon as it is damaged.

If it all sounds futuristic, it’s because it is; but these cool features might soon become a reality, since the designers plan to develop a working prototype with Thomson by the end of this year. We should start saving, because this thing might not come cheap.

Philippe Starck Alo

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