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Maksim Burov Dreams Up A Koenigsegg Motorcycle

By Victor Baker


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Koenigsegg Motorcycle

A vivid imagination is awesome, but if you’re able to transform the images from your mind into reality, it gets a whole lot better. That’s why we’re now able to take a look at this amazing Koenigsegg motorcycle, imagined by 3D designer Maxim Burov.

Sure, the famous supercar manufacturer had nothing to do with this wonderful project, but what if they did? we’re sure such a stunning design would not upset anyone; on the contrary. If the Swedish automaker would try its hand at a two-wheeler, looking almost exactly like this concept, that would be indeed grand.

Koenigsegg Motorcycle

Koenigsegg is a company renowned for making a quality machine that marries style and substance, and for them to enter the motorcycle market would result in total madness – in a good way. The Swedish brand has already made a name for itself, both at home, in Europe, and in the US as mega-car manufacturers.

Obviously, the ‘Koenigsegg motorcycle’  is a dream far from reaching completion, although these renderings get our adrenaline muscles pumping. Who knows, perhaps Maxim Burov’s realistically conceived concepts will inspire the Swedish team to for for it! We surely encourage them.

Koenigsegg Motorcycle

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