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Alila Ubud, an Enchanting Resort Set in the Very Heart of Bali

By Brody Patterson


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Designed as a miniature community of sorts, Alila Ubud is a charming boutique hotel nestled among the central foothills of Bali, along the picturesque Ayung River valley.

The resort’s accommodations sit on stilts overlooking the ravine like luxurious tree houses – 14 two-story units to be exact. The structures, designed by world-famous architectural firm Kerry Hill Architects, feature an intriguing mix of traditional Balinese design with modern elements: thatched roofs, gravel, and wood on one hand, and concrete, terrazzo tiles, and glass on the other are combined to great effect, contributing to the charming atmosphere as much as the lush natural surroundings.

A great place to spend time is Spa Alila, an oasis of serenity where well-trained therapists will take you though a rejuvenating treatment that will both stimulate and relax mind and body. Nutrition is also very important, so the resort offers fresh, healthy, natural food, expertly prepared by Alila Ubud’s skilled culinary team. Also, we really have to mention the hotel’s fabulous emerald-green infinity pool, which captures the reflection of the sky above and appears to float above the valley below, creating a truly mesmerizing image.

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