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AeroSystem One Dock by Lalique and Jean Michel Jarre

By Adrian Prisca


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To those of you who haven’t heard of Jean Michel Jarre, I can only say one thing: listen to his songs, fast! A great electronic music composer, he travels around the world showing off his creations and a huge collection of musical instruments, self-made, that he uses in his grandiose concerts.

Furthermore, after teaming up with the French design house Lalique, a marvelous piece of gadgetry emerged – the limited edition AeroSystem One docking station. There’s a strong effect about these speakers, due to the Lalique crystal that “reveals sparkling jets of water which emerge from the intriguing Masque de Femme”.

The Masque de Femme resembles a woman’s face surrounded by aquatic wildlife, in a pure Art-Deco style. The overall aspect of the 2 body units in which this opera is created almost look like black circles on a white base for a – sort of – weird and interesting image.

Some of the features the docking station comes with are USB with WMA & MP3 decoder, a 3.5 mm mini-jack and a 30-pin for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. The dimensions of the Stainless Steel and Lalique crystal speaker are 4.5 inches in diameter and 42.7 inches in height, while the base diameter measures 10.2 inches. It features 2 30W RMS speakers and a subwoofer that develops 60W of power.

Although these pieces are extremely appealing, do know that each of them costs a staggering €12,000 or $15,850. Furthermore, they will be produced in a limited edition of 999 units.


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