A bespoke pool and aquarium complex by Okeanos Aquascaping

Aquariums and fish have been attracting us since childhood, so we either built our own small ecosystems or we enjoyed gazing to tanks inside specialized shops, shopping centers or anywhere else. Those of us who now own more than $11 million dollars can spend the sum on Okeanos’ largest aquarium.

Purchasable for the upper-mentioned sum, it is built by Okeanos Aquascaping, a brand based in New York. They’ve been added to the list of the most exclusive holiday gifts by Robb Report, for their backyard pool-and-aquarium complex. It’s practically a 30×60 foot freshwater swimming pool that shares common walls with a huge saltwater aquarium, packed with angelfish, back-tip reef sharks and eels, allowing you to actually swim alongside them.

The tank is also viewable from outside the pool, going on for around 15 feet above it. Okeanos Swim are world-renowned for their special techniques of water-preservation that do not rely on chemicals – such as chlorine -, but special patented water-filtration and flow systems, which keep the water bacteria-free and without any unwanted residues.

This is believed to be their largest project so far, plus, attaching it to a pool being a first for them. The processes of creating these magnificent pieces of ornamentation last for up to five months, including layout tailoring, design, landscapes, furnishings, aquarium, all based on client’s desires.

Although any further costs like routine maintenance or marine life-sustentation will be supported by the customer, and even though the prices are anything else but low, it’s a great way to spend the amount. Why not bringing the reef to your home?