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A Romantic Getaway in Mexico: the Maroma Resort & Spa

Deep within Mexican history, the Maroma Resort & Spa is a location that due to its nature, once you visit it, you cannot forget it. The ancient Mexican culture combines perfectly with the location of this exquisite resort, through a high degree of privacy and a hacienda-style environment.

Located within a lush jungle, connected to the ocean through a superb white sandy beach, the simple situation of this resort makes it a sought-after location worldwide. The Riviera Maya region festoons this resort with its touch of beauty and conjoins it with parts of the Mayan culture.

Respecting the primitive traditions, Maroma offers the superb experience of Mayan Temazcal, part of the Maroma Mexican Immersion Programme. It’s a ritual that is thought to have unearthly powers of healing, involving therapeutic cleansing sequences. It’s done at dusk, merging ancient tradition with profound meditation and chants, aimed to lower the level of toxins and stress in the organism.
This isn’t all by far.

Mexican food is by far one of the tastiest in the world, thus the resort organizes a twice weekly event that allows everyone to get a bite of their traditional foods. Held in La Cantina, Maroma’s restaurant, this event involves specially distributed menus that include Fideo seco, cordero rostizado and all sorts of gorgeous Botanas alongside tequilas, Mezcal and all sorts of beers.

All these are highlighted with the help of traditional bands interpreting local music and dance. The price for this living-style revolves around $575/night and climbs, based on 2-sharing the Deluxe Garden View Room, breakfast included.



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