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$85,000 Rock Royalty KAGED Custom Alligator Guitar

Nashville-based luxury design house Rock Royalty turned a normal Fender Telecaster guitar into an amazing one-of-a-kind guitar priced at a staggering $85,000 which was dubbed as KAGED. The guitar went through a complete refining program to receive a gorgeous unique look.

It’s body is covered by fine natural black alligator skin from Louisiana but that’s not all. It also features Rock Royalty’s patent-pending steel cage with chrome finish and red aluminum screws, black diamond and sterling silver volume knobs, a selector switch which was covered with precious rubies and … six handmade diamond tuning keys set in sterling silver finished with black ruthenium.

After all these upgrades, the Rock Royalty KAGED Custom Alligator guitar with embedded diamonds is just as precious as some of the world’s most expensive jewelry items but.. compared to a precious necklace, ring or watch, this piece of jewelry also has high-end specs and you could also play at it.

The price for this one-off alligator and diamond covered guitar from Rock Royalty is, as mentioned, $85,000 but the company also has another guitar called Les Paul which costs $125,000.



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