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85-inch Ultra HD TV by Samsung

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Throughout this world of luxury and top notch technology we’re bound to find, from time to time, something that’s more of an upgraded home-friendly contraption, such has this television here. Well, if it is to put it this way, it’s not just an upgraded TV, it’s Samsung’s brand new 85-inch Ultra HD TV.

Unfortunately, this piece is not something that common folk will be able to buy, as it comes with a rather staggering price tag – $39,999, but it does pay for that cash. Dubbed the Samsung UN85S9, it will reportedly be available for purchase at the end of April. Furthermore, according to Samsung officials, this baby will be adjoined by two larger models, measuring 95 inches and 110 inches in diagonal. And yes, they will be a lot more expensive.

So, here are the specs – it, as we’ve mentioned already, measures 85 inches in diagonal and will be able to convert HD and Full HD formats into UHD picture quality through a 1.35 GHz A15 quad-core processor. In addition, it reportedly delivers “deep, real blacks and pure vivacious whites, as well as the sharpest resolutions ever seen on large format displays.”

The “floating” display is surrounded by an elegant frame with built-in sound bars, developing 120 watts of sound through 3-way 2.2 channels. This model, the S9, is able to accept voice commands through a built-in microphone alongside Samsung’s Voice Interaction and the redesigned Smart Hub, which aids you in terms of navigation.

As for the new Smart Hub system, courtesy of Samsung, it comes is with all sorts of next-generation TVs, home-theater systems and Blu-Ray players, and includes video-on-demand, Smart TV program guides, personal content, socials and apps. Those program guides are quite interesting to be honest, as they are able to provide personalized suggestions regarding shows on air, based on previously watched ones.


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