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McLellan Jacobs Kayak 1

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The thing about yachts is that they pamper you luxury, exquisiteness and alike, but they can’t provide you with the actual feeling of cruising, of purely exploring the waters. This is the advantage of smaller sailing vessels like kayaks. McLellan presents the stunning Kayak 1, an extremely lightweight, single person kayak able to ensure the true experience of water cruising to every wealthy folk out there.

A top notch contraption crafted from carbon fiber, this piece is superbly finished with ash, gold-plated brass fillings, teak and was put together by America’s Cup boat builders from New Zealand.

All in all, it weighs just 36 pounds and can be reportedly ordered with a whole array of paintjobs, finishes and materials, according the every possible trifle put forward by the eventual customer. It is 0.79 m wide (2’7”), 0.33 m tall (1’1”) including the back rest and 3.36 m long (12’10”). It weighs up to 18 kg (40 lbs), depending on customization and is crafted from wlw temperature pre-preg
carbon fibre.

Unfortunately, the price of McLellan’s Kayak 1 hasn’t yet been told, but it’s still a gorgeous mix of classical nautical design and contemporary materials and manufacture – a genuine proof of opulence.

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