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6 Essential Gadgets for a Smooth Video Production Workflow

By Adrian Prisca


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Video production is becoming a lucrative business now that businesses are starting to realize the value of video marketing. Most of the content we consume these days is in video format which is fueling the rise in demand for good video production services.

If you are considering this as a career option, however, you need to be armed with the right gadgets and tools. Below, we will look at some of the essential tools you need for a smooth video production workflow.

A Good Camera


This is the most important gadget because if you do not have the right camera, you will shoot bad videos. This is where your workflow starts so you should ensure that you have the right camera. As the demand for high-quality videos is increasing, try to choose a camera that can shoot at least 4k. If you want to be able to crop or stabilize the videos you shoot after the fact, it would be a good idea to invest in a 6k or even an 8k camera.

Large, Fast Storage

WD_Black P10

File sizes get bigger as the resolution of your video increases. This makes it vital that you have enough storage for all your data. In addition, your storage should be fast enough for data to be written and read from it. Remember that these are large bitrate files and retrieving or writing them to disk and reading them might require your storage to be able to handle around one gigabyte per second read and write speeds.

A Good Monitor

Curved monitor

Our eyes and brains are able to quickly register when the color on a video does not look right. For proper color correction, Boston production companies invest in good monitors that have high color accuracy. Besides this, you should also consider investing in monitors that are at least 4k in resolution.

The size of the monitor might also help with your editing workflow as you can see the whole timeline or even be able to work on multiple projects at once. Try to get a monitor that is at least 32 inches in size.

A Powerful Computer

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

You will need a lot of computing power if you are going to be editing 4k and 8k videos. You need a computer that has a processor with lots of cores and that is fast. There are some decent options on the market from AMD. You will also need a GPU that helps accelerate video decoding and encoding. This is so that your CPU is not doing all the heavy lifting all the time. You also need at least 128GB of RAM although professionals recommend that you get at least 256BG f you will be editing 8k videos.

A Good Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech MK850 Performance

These two are the primary input devices when editing videos. Try to get a comfortable keyboard and mouse. If the keyboard has macro keys, that would be even better.


Video production is a big business right now. If you invest in the right gear, you will be able to enter this market and even become a big player. It would be advisable to do some research online to see how others do it so you can become professional too.

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