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5 Luxury Landscaping Trends to Look Out For in 2019

By Victor Baker


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Luxury Landscaping

Never forget that your yard can be just as luxurious as your inside space. Thinking carefully about the design of your courtyard means that when the weather is good, you can enjoy spending time outside with your friends and family.

There are several design features to consider when you’re making changes to your yard, if you want to turn it into a special place. Take a look at these top trends for 2019, that will add a little luxury to your outside space.

Make use of sculptures

Garden Sculptures

Well chosen sculptures can add a real sense of luxury to your yard. You can opt for fun forms, such as animals, or you may want to choose geometric shapes, for a modern feel. There are many different statues to choose from, so you should be able to find something that you like. Remember that less is more. Do not overcrowd your yard, be subtle.

Keep hedges tall

Tall Hedges

Tall hedges can be aesthetically pleasing and add a real sense of luxury to your yard. They soar above your outside space majestically. Of course, high hedges also give you extra privacy, which is important. When you use high hedges remember that you also need to be aware of light. You need to balance the height of the hedges with the amount of light that you need to illuminate your luxury outside space.

Put outside space to work

organic garden


Healthy living is a real luxury that you can have if you make your outside space work for you. Creating an organic herb and vegetable garden is one of the top luxury landscape trends for 2019. If you can, you should locate your herb and vegetable garden close to the kitchen of your home, so that you can easily harvest items to use when cooking meals for family and friends.

Create an outdoor room

outdoor room

Creating a room outside is an excellent way of extending the luxury you have inside your home to the outside. To make the room you create truly luxurious, concentrate on the details. You should include items such as expensive rugs, high quality seating and mirrors. You may even want to create an entire kitchen outside.

Illuminate the space with lights and lanterns

Outdoor lighting

If you are creating a luxury living space outside, remember that you need to light the area effectively. This lighting does not just help to make the area look amazing, it’s also vital from a safety point of view. As the experts at Wikilawn say;

“Walkways are a primary area of concern when trying to navigate a dark yard. Consider adding easy to install pathway lighting in order to light up the walkways from the driveway to the front door.”

Lighting can be used throughout your yard, to illuminate features, such as the statues you may have installed.

These luxury landscaping trends for 2019 can give you the inspiration you need to make changes to your yard, that would turn it into a unique and stunning place to spend time.

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