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250th Anniversary Baccarat Crystal Chess

By Adrian Prisca


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Baccarat, the French manufacturer of fine crystal glassware, has been founded exactly in 1764 which means the company is celebrating their 250th anniversary this year. That’s a quarter of a millennium of crystallized perfection, that’s meant to be celebrated in the finest way possible.

For this special moment Baccarat has teamed up with Oki Sato, the founder of the Japanese design studio Nendo, to design a limited edition crystal chess set that’s going to leave you in awe. The chess pieces are truly bespoke, made from midnight blue and clear crystal, they resemble the French house’s popular Harcourt glasses.

It takes over 200 hours to make one of these luxurious chess sets and only 50 sets will be produced.  The Baccarat Nendo Chess set is going to be every collector’s dream but every dream has its price and in this case it’s exactly $27,300. It’s not that much if you want to have a part of Baccarat’s long history and tradition right in your home.

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