10 Luxurious Valentine’s Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day drawing near, nothing says you care like buying something nice for the one you love. However, we know choosing the perfect gift for your better half can sometimes be tough. It hasn’t been long since Christmas, and that might have already drained most of inspiration. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of great gifts the luxurious-minded can get for their significant other.

10. A stylish scarf

The worst thing about Valentine’s Day is that it’s in the middle of winter. So one thing you could do is turn the cold into a bit of inspiration. Think about it: the winter air isn’t quite so chilly when you have a nice, soft silk scarf around your neck. Maybe get her something like this beautiful piece from Loewe: elegance, style, but also passion, all tied up into one (no pun intended)!

Price: $350


9. Fine Chocolate

Chocolates will always be a Valentine’s favorite, and as always for this time of year there are lots of choices. The obvious pick however would be Godiva. The box itself is gorgeous, heart-shaped, draped in a satin sash, so you know the moment you see it that it’s something special. It holds 40 delightful pieces, from the classic heart-shaped chocolates to the limited-edition valentine’s Day truffles. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially if it’s Godiva.

Price: $100


8. A bespoke pen

In the age of the smartphone, any kind of writing instrument seems about as ancient as the vinyl record or the horse carriage. Old as they are, however, there’s still something romantic about them. And when it comes to pens, nothing is more elegant than the Etoile de Montblanc. Taking your pen out of your purse to write something down is less of an antiquated gesture and more of a sign of elegance and class, when it’s a sterling silver Montblanc set with dozens of diamonds.

Price: $10 000


7. Ravishing Perfume

As you’ve probably noticed by now, we haven’t been suggesting anything revolutionary. This next entry is no exception: perfume. Created by the legendary Jacque Guerlain himself a century ago, L’Heure Bleu has definitely stood the test of time. With its elegant and mysterious fragrance, this is truly a great gift, just perfect for that special someone in your life.

Price: $100

guerlain l'heure bleu

6. A designer handbag

If there’s one item a woman can never have enough of, it’s definitely the bag. You really can’t go wrong with this kind of gift, but for something really special look no further than the Orchard, from Burberry. Drawing inspiration from the British fashion house’s long history, most notably its beautiful vintage luggage, the Orchard is truly a masterpiece of design. Made from textured Signature Grained leather, with rolled leather handles, polished metal hardware and refined hand-painted edges, it’s certainly going to look wonderful on the arm of your lovely lady.

Price: $1500

burberry orchard

5. Jewelry

If you want something beautiful and timeless, you should go for some item of jewelry. And the best place to go for that is at Tiffany’s. For something fitting the occasion, there’s the Tiffany Hearts collection. This time, forget the heart-shaped items and go for something a bit less conventional, like this arrow pendant. What better way to show your feelings for her than with this lovely rose gold piece set with diamonds? Cupid himself could not wish for something more beautiful, and the symbolism will definitely not be lost on her.

Price: $1300

arrow tiffany

4. Dinner and wine

Whatever you decide to get your lady for Valentine’s, a romantic dinner is a must. Whether it’s at a restaurant, or you decide to venture into the kitchen yourself and prepare something special, there’s something deeply romantic about sitting at a table, in the dim light, with a nice drink in hand and the faint sound of music in the background. Speaking of which, nothing warms the soul quite like a nice red wine. Our recommendation? Try a Chianti, a renowned Sangiovese-based Italian wine, from Tuscany.

Price: $300 – 1000


3. A luxurious watch

I know buying a watch can seem a little bit cliché, but she definitely won’t mind your lack of creativity after seeing this beautiful Ballon Bleu by Cartier watch on her wrist. When people think of elegance and class, people think Cartier, and looking at this breathtakingly beautiful timepiece, you can definitely understand why. Remember, a watch isn’t just a timekeeper anymore, it also says something about the person wearing it (or giving it as a gift), and the Ballon Bleu certainly says all the right things. Whether you prefer a simple leather strap watch, or you go for the more luxurious white, yellow or pink gold version, this will without a doubt be very well received.

Price: $5000 – 25 000


2. A Vertu phone

Let’s move on for just a moment from all of this low-tech wonderfulness and into the 21st century. Like a watch, a luxury phone is more than just a gadget, something you use to talk to people or browse the internet. It’s a statement, is says you appreciate the fine things in life – and when it comes to phones, nothing is more elegant and classy than a Vertu. The Constellation model is a true gem: swathed in calf leather for an exquisite feel, but encased in titanium for extraordinary durability and with a scratch proof sapphire crystal screen, this Android device has the look and feel of something special. The perfect gift for someone a bit more tech-oriented.

Price: $7000


1. A romantic trip to Paris

This year, we’re lucky enough to have Valentine’s Day fall on a Friday. Why not take advantage of that and take the entire weekend to celebrate? There’s really no better place to spend a romantic weekend with your special someone than Paris. Take a stroll along the banks of the Seine, or enjoy the beautiful view of the City of Lights that Montmartre has to offer. Of course, no trip to Paris would be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower. You simply must dine at the Michelin-starred Le Jules Verne, for a truly wonderful Valentine’s celebration.

Price: $2000 – 10 000