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The all-new Vespa 946 scooter

By Adrian Prisca


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Vespa – the definition of style on two small wheels. Every scooter from this renowned Italian company looks so classy and refined and their newest creation, the wonderful Vespa 946, is just another addition to the firm’s impressive history. It’s been six years since the previous model has been launched on the market, and in all this time they’ve worked day and night to come up with “the most well equipped, styled and technologically advanced Vespa ever”.

Every component of the 946 is assembled by hand, from the first stitching on the handle grips to the final polish of the bike. The design was actually inspired from the MP6, the first Vespa prototype and probably the world’s most recognized scooter, that has been launched back in 1946, hence the name of the new scooter, 946.

The new Vespa comes with a lot of aluminum elements that are perfectly mixed with the Italian styling, like the beautiful saddle that’s enhanced by an incorporated aluminum support. The rear side of the bike just screams art deco while the front side features a modern, yet refined headlamp with full LED technology.

Vespa has announced that they will produce the 946 in limited numbers for each country and every year they will come up with a new color, accessories and premium components for this scooter. The price for a Vespa 946 is going to start from $9,946.

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