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2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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We just don’t know what to think of the on-coming 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, as the German brand has just announced it along with its whopping 156 buttons and switches inside the cabin. I mean, the tendency today is to make things simpler, more efficient – why is Mercedes-Benz heading the opposite way? I can’t even realize if this is a mark of opulence. Whatever, let’s check out what they say.

According to Autoweek, Mercedes-Benz officials declare that new 2014 S-Class boasts 12 buttons on the steering wheel, 23 on the driver’s door and 13 additional ones on the passenger door. Let’s go on then – 19 buttons on the dashboard fascia, 3 on the instrument panel, 4 vent buttons of the dashboard, 3 on the rearview mirror and 10 on the front headliner. I mean, what are they thinking?

Let’s just go on – 30 additional buttons – 15 and 15 – can be accessed from the right/left rear passenger doors, 9 from the rear center console and 2 from the vent buttons of the rear center console. Even the rear drink holder boasts an additional 3 buttons and there are 4 more on the rear headliner.

Otherwise, the brand new Merc will reportedly boast 2 high resolution 12.3-inch displays and a redesigned COMAND Online system powered by an Intel Atom processor. Now here’s something really interesting – this is the first car ever to come with “active perfuming system” with ionization function which cleans the air inside the cabin and freshens it up. Furthermore, according to M-B officials, the cabin of the 2014 S-Class Merc was designed for the model with the longest wheelbase, a future replacement for the ex-Maybach.

We’ve further thought of mentioning some optional features – reclining rear seats providing up to 43.5 degrees of back rest adjustment. There’s also a massage system with 6 different programs, possible thanks to the 14 air cushions within the backrest. The part that we love most though is the sound system – a 1,500-Watt Burmester audio system with 24 speakers providing tri-dimensional sound effects. Check out the press release on Autoweek for more details.


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