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2013 Philips DesignLine HDTV

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Philips has recently come up with the 2013 DesignLine HDTV, a stunning new means of in-home entertainment. What we have here though, is not just a piece of glass, but a staggering wall-underpinned top notch TV ready to bring the visual entertainment one step further, in fashionable ways.

This gorgeous piece of video-technology will reportedly be available in 3 fitting options, with a mounting table or an optional design created so that it acts as part of a larger entertainment system. And there’s the third design, which makes this TV a wall-hanging entertainment system. This fantastic television has come to life courtesy of TP Vision, a brand that deals with manufacturing similar products for countries all over the Globe.

It is available though in two different sizes, in 46 and 55 inches diagonal, both boasting an LCD display under the front glass sheet. Furthermore, in order to increase the user’s pleasure and the quality of the images, it sports a 1,400 Hz Perfect Motion Rate alongside the staggering active 3D HD capabilities. And the engine of the Perfect Pixel HD Screen is further aided by a dual-core processor. There’s also some LED backlighting with micro-dimming and local contrast, which adds to the already gorgeous looks of this amenity.

In addition, and pretty much important, this one can connect to any in-home Wi-Fi signal, with the user or viewer being able to surf the internet via a simple switch on the remote control. Even better, if you have any photos or videos that you want to view on the screen, there are three apps you’ll be finding rather useful – Philips MyRemoteApp, SimpleShare and Wi-Fi Miracast.

There’s also a bad side to the design, as it may appear rather unstable and fickle due to the lack of any rubber stop. Unfortunately, in terms of availability, not everyone will be able to enjoy such a piece. Philip say it will first be available in parts of Europe, including Russia, while additional markets will be seeing it later on.


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