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10 Incredible Jewelry Collections Released In 2017

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If you’re going to a gala or a fancy party in the near future, you might want to rock the night with a sophisticated dress, matched by some alluring jewelry pieces. There’s no shame in that, everyone wants to shine from time to time, and picking the right jewelry pieces can make the difference.

Rihanna may have been wrong, as diamonds reflect rather than shine, but you get the idea; this is why we have been working on the list below, meant to show everyone the top 10 jewelry collections unveiled in 2017. Here we go!

10. Chaumet Liens SĂ©duction

Chaumet Liens SĂ©duction

The high-end French jeweler Chaumet revealed a playful selection of exquisite jewelry pieces earlier this year, called Liens SĂ©duction, with precious rings, diamonds, hoop earrings and lovely bracelets, part of this cool collection. A ribbon of diamonds, spectacular rose or white gold designs, or luxurious gold pendants will easily charm anyone and make everyone else feel envious.

These beautiful and luxurious creations are meant to complement a wonderful love story, not replace it with valuables; still, it pays to have them on hand.

9. Louis Vuitton ConquĂŞtes

Louis Vuitton ConquĂŞtes

Louis Vuitton might not be the first name to come to mind when you’re daydreaming about fine jewelry, but when the iconic French Maison has unveiled a fabulous new jewelry collection, everyone changed their minds. Called the Conquêtes collection, Louis Vuitton’s new jewelry line is a refined blend of luxury, subtlety, and seduction.

Conquêtes shows off the brand’s emblematic motifs, proving that nothing is impossible to the French brand and including three statement necklaces, one of them showing off a long chain of pearls and diamonds, set with a drool-inducing blue 54.3ct tourmaline, while the other two display a 16.82ct mandarin garnet and a 37.07ct imperial topaz, respectively.

8. De Grisogono Crazymals

De Grisogono Crazymals

Eye catching pendants that combine a funky design with precious stones have always been a big hit; Swiss high-end jeweler De Grisogono knows this very well, which explains why the brand has unveiled a few new interesting additions to its Crazymals collection. The new Crazymals characters are set with 1,001 precious stones, with seven new jewelry figurines aiming to put a smile on your face.

Stogie K took the lead of this collection, with a grunge look and a rose gold cigar, studded with orange sapphires, that’s complemented by brown diamonds and pink sapphires. The other pieces are called Lady Flamingo, Crooner Snake, Great Ladybug, Tux’Penguin, Hip Hop Panda and Buddy.

7. Cactus de Cartier

Cactus de Cartier

It might be seem odd to use cacti as a main source of inspiration for a stunning jewelry collection, but Cartier wanted to reveal the secret beauty of these spiny plants that are wild and beautiful. Originally introduced in 2016, Cactus de Cartier is an enchanting sculptural jewelry collection, filled with generous volumes and cool geometric structures, and this year it got even better.

Gold domes illuminated by precious dew drops, and corollas of radiant diamonds or freshly faceted precious stones reveal the sheer beauty of cacti. One of the most important additions to this collection in 2017 is the Cactus de Cartier wedding band, available in 18K yellow, white or pink gold and set with 15 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.32 karats. What’s next?

6. Caviar Gold Collection by Lagos

Caviar Gold Collection by Lagos

Fine jewelry brand Lagos has surprised everyone earlier this year by revealing a sophisticated 18k gold jewelry collection. Dubbed as the Lagos Caviar Gold, this exquisite line builds on the brand’s signature Caviar designs and also celebrates the company’s anniversary of 40 years of fine craftsmanship.

A variety of eye-catching silhouettes, such as bold bracelets, statement necklaces, and elegant earrings are part of this collection, offering ladies the chance to display their personalities in a new and seductive manner. These futuristic and mesmerizing pieces of jewelry could adorn your wrist and complement your fashion choices in the best of ways.

5. Bulgari New York Capsule Collection

Bulgari New York Capsule Collection

To celebrate the grand re-opening of the company’s flagship store in NYC, Maison Bulgari has unveiled this stunning New York capsule collection. Inspired by NYC’s artistic energy from the 70s, this exquisite collection comprises thirty-three beautiful pieces that celebrate the bold spirit of America, fusing Roman extravagance with New York avant-garde.

The renowned Italian brand has also teamed up with visionary Canadian artist Petra Collins to show off the bold, larger than life spirit, of Bulgari and this particular collection from a different perspective.

4. Boucheron Lierre de Paris

Boucheron Lierre de Paris

The brilliant desingers from Boucheron have always been fascinated by the wilder side of nature, which inspired the brand’s new Lierre de Paris collection as well. Showing off white gold and diamonds, this exquisite new collection show off the untamed nature of life in the most stunning way possible, with several rings, two secret watches and many other precious jewelry pieces.

But the most wonderful pieces are an awesome necklace, made from freeform vine leaves, and a charming Lily of the Valley tiara dating from 1893, reminiscent of freshly picked flowers. The tiara features nine ivy leaves sprouting from a realistic tendril encircle the neck as if it has stealthily crept up on the wearer.

There’s also a traditional white gold automatic wristwatch, the Epure Lierre de Paris, boasting diamond ivy details on either a black or white mother-of-pearl dial. Feel free to go for the complete collection.

3. Secrets by Harry Winston

Secrets by Harry Winston

Secrets by Harry Winston is just another fine example of the American jeweler’s celebrated designs and incredible gem-setting techniques, presented through distinctly different themes. This new high jewelry collection includes several earrings, an extraordinary pendant and a breathtaking ring, more than capable to shock and awe everyone.

But behind the brilliance of each of these pieces you also will find a little secret – a marvelous hidden gem, just waiting to be discovered. If you love secrets, this is probably as good as it gets – at least when it comes down to jewerly.

2. Dior Ă  Versailles, Cote Jardins

Dior Ă  Versailles, Cote Jardins

Dior Ă  Versailles, CĂ´tĂ© Jardins is actually the second high jewelry collection imagined by the renowned French jeweler Victoire de Castellane for this iconic French label, inspired by the luxurious private estate of Queen Marie-Antoinette and its magical gardens.

Dior’s new haute couture creation honors the royal estate’s sophistication, comprising a wonderful necklace covered in a wide variety of precious stones, a superb ring decorated with a sunshine yellow diamond, as well as dazzling earrings.

1. Van Cleef & Arpels Le Secret

Van Cleef Arpels Le Secret

Every high jewelry collection imagined by Van Cleef & Arpels has been centered around a special theme, and the latest example  – the new Van Cleef & Arpels Le Secret  – represents a spectacular mix of precious gems, inspired by the sheer beauty of nature. Creative and totally alluring, this exquisite collection was five years in the making and comprises around 100 stunning pieces.

It’s charming, it’s surprising and luxurious, and it follows the Van Cleef & Arpels’ longstanding tradition of creating jewelry symbols. Le Secret recalls a secret garden of jewels, honoring Mother Nature’s wonderful architecture and magical creations.

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