Secrets by Harry Winston is a Dazzling Display of Jewels

Secrets by Harry Winston

If you’re looking for a magical high jewelry creation that would turn any outfit into a ravishing appearance, Harry Winston is one of those names that quickly comes to mind; and today might be your lucky day, because we have a chance to drool over the newest collection from the renowned American jeweler.

Called Secrets by Harry Winston, this new high jewelry collection is just another fine example of the brand’s most celebrated designs and techniques, presented through distinctly different themes. Behind the brilliance of each of these stunning pieces there is more than meets the eye, as each piece has a little secret – a marvelous hidden gem, just waiting to be revealed.

Harry Winston’s new jewelry collection comprises several earrings, an extraordinary pendant and a dazzling ring, each of them capable to blow your mind and, possibly, your budget; but let’s take them one by one and pick a favorite together.

Secrets by Harry Winston

The Reversible Diamond, Sapphire, and Aquamarine earrings feature a versatile design, blending in round and pear shaped diamonds on one side and a colorful array of sapphires, diamonds, and aquamarines hidden on the other side. 18 round brilliant sapphires weighing a total of 0.84 carats, 8 pear-shaped aquamarines worth 0.45 carats, and 438 marquise diamonds weighing a total of approximately 7.43 carats, all set set in platinum, make these earrings totally special.

On the other hand, the intricate diamond starburst pendant (pictured above) was also covered with the finest diamonds, featuring 9 round brilliant sapphires, with a total weight of 1.17 carats, 4 pear-shaped aquamarines with 0.68 carats and 460 marquise, pear-shaped and round diamonds., weighting in at an astonishing 28.30 carats. The overwhelming feeling you will have as it stares you directly into your eyes is indescribable.

Last, but not least seductive, the exquisite cocktail ring features a reversible starburst motif. With a gentle rotation, a mesmerizing design reveals a rich symphony of sapphires, diamonds,and aquamarines. The ring is made of 9 round brilliant sapphires with 1.07 carats, 4 pear-shaped aquamarines with a total of 0.59 carats, and 349 marquise, pear-shaped and round diamonds, weighting a total of 8.78 carats.

Which one is your favorite?

Secrets by Harry Winston