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Zephira is a Smaller, Yet Very Impressive Yacht by Benetti

By Brody Patterson


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World-renowned Italian shipyard Benatti has unveiled another great example of stellar design and engineering with the latest in its Delfino ’93 Class Range –the Zaphira.

According to Stefano Righini, the man responsible for the concept and exterior styling of the yacht, the company has’ “set a new standard of excellence in just 24 meters” – so despite the fact that it is a relatively small ship, it is still the longest, most luxurious vessel to be showcased at the Rio de Janeiro Boat Show. Thanks to the advanced techniques and materials employed in its construction, Zaphira is both very safe and very comfortable, boasting significantly reduced noise and vibration levels.

The boat’s exterior is quite striking, due in no small part to the strong blue of the hull, as well as the extensive use of glass, which not only seems to add space to the interior, it also provides guests with amazing views while at sea. The interiors, on the other hand, were designed by Carlo Galeazzi and display a distinctively Italian air of class and sophistication, with iridescent leather and even marble utilized throughout.

While Zaphira isn’t quite as grand as other yachts we usually showcase, it is nevertheless really impressive performance-wise, but also aesthetically. Benetti have once again done a very good job.

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