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ZaNa Design luxurious USB Flash Drive “Apophis”

By Adrian Prisca


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An interesting piece has been recently unveiled by the Polish brand ZaNa Design. They have created a limited edition series of hand manufactured USB flash drives, boasting with top notch quality materials and high end technology. Reportedly named the Apophis Flash Drive, it boasts with certified meteorite, poised to amaze even the most discerning lovers of elegance and luxury.

Otherworldly, both figuratively and genuinely, this one off flash drive was named after a 390 meter wide asteroid discovered back in 2004 which is expected to cross Earth’s orbit in 2036, very close to our planet in fact. In addition to its meteorite parts, the Apophis Flash Drive also features a high purity diamond alongside a casing crafted from 200 years old African Black Wood – the most luxurious wood in the world, in the eyes of connoisseurs and such.

Yet there is more to this stunning miniature gadget, as the “regular” version of it comes plated with 925 silver and the state of the art, very limited ones, with 18 carat gold. In terms of technology, they incorporate top notch parts, like 64 GB of memory, 190 MB/s reading speed and USB 3.0.

Priced at a whopping $1,130 the 925 silver version and $1,990 the gold version, it is somewhat understood the Apophis Flash Drive comes with lifetime warranty.


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